6 Weeks Old!

So, she’s six weeks old today (or yesterday) ~ I’ll have to remember to ask what exact time she was born. And the process of waiting to meet her is way more intense than I really anticipated. Every other dog I’ve ever had just showed up one day ~ usually scruffy, hungry and often hurt or needing to be rescued. This is so different! I actually have time to think about things like where is she going to sleep, what is she going to eat, and what will she need to learn? In the past, it’s been more about what do they need to un-learn, and where can I put them until I figure out what to do?

I’ve never had a human baby, but I think this must be at least a little bit similar. Well, as similar as I am likely to ever experience, anyway…. I find I am anxious, excited, worried, scared, proud and impatient ~ and more than a little bit emotional. Yeah, crying at TV commercials and all…..

Today my project is making a movable potty pen for her. I found that I had a roll of chicken wire left from some previous project, and some assorted lengths of 2 x 2 lumber. I sat looking at the pieces for a while and came up with a plan to build short segments of fencing that can be wired together and moved around to create a contained potty area for her while she is tiny. I went to Home Depot and got some more 2 x 2 lumber, and some paint that (kinda sorta) matches our existing fence. I’m a devoted recycler of everything imaginable, so in order to make the pen look halfway decent, painting will be a necessity.

I’ll plan to take photos and show off the pen in case anybody else has need of something similar, but for now…. oh, were you hoping to see pictures???? Well, here’s one of the very first photos I got of the whole litter ~ before her little eyes were even open…. can you guess which one she is?

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