I’m Getting A Puppy

For the second time in my life, I’m getting a new puppy. The first time, I was 7 years old and the puppy was named Rollie. She was a collie, and she stood as tall as me on her back legs (once she grew up). We got her from a nearby farm, and she liked to escape from our yard. Consequently, we didn’t have her all that long.

Now, I’m a grown up, and I’m getting a brand new puppy. That makes twice in my lifetime. I have moved to a different city, changed jobs, fallen in love, changed careers, bought and sold houses quite a few times, but I have never again gotten a brand new puppy….

… until now, and so I thought you might like to come along with me on this journey, share the process, and learn some of the new things I am learning.

One of the new things I have learned is that baby puppies should not meet strangers until they’ve had all their shots (the puppies, not the strangers).

So, I don’t have the puppy yet, in fact she’s only about 5 weeks old as I type this, about the size of a half-grown guinea pig. I’ve seen pictures, but I haven’t met her in person. This adds to the dreamlike quality, and makes it persistently seem like something that MAY happen, but not necessarily. I’m trying to be okay with the uncertainty. I’m learning that while 7-year-old me was fully and utterly prepared to fall in love with a puppy instantaneously; grown up me is hanging back a little, asking questions like “What if I don’t like her? Or what if she doesn’t like ME?!” It’s kind of hard to wait, and it’s making me feel like the 7 year old had the right idea to begin with. Just jump in with both feet, what purpose is served by holding back?!

I’ve had dogs before, of course ~ some for many years, and some for only a few months. Mostly they were volunteers ~ dogs that found me on busy streets, or twilight roads, or dumped and wandering far from everything. Dogs that other people didn’t want to keep for whatever reason. And I loved them all, dearly. Dearly. In fact, it took me over 15 years to even think about getting a dog again after the last one, Lupe, died.

I’ve had cats, too… several cats and some that stayed for many years. One cat and one dog has always seemed like the perfect animal balance. For the last half of Lupe’s life, I also had Aggie, a sort of grumpy looking cat who was extremely talkative. Both of them have been gone for several years, and it’s time to start the new generation.

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